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Dear Author,


You have written a book and had it published. This is an exciting time for you. Now you face the challenge of what to do next. Many authors think that marketing is a job for the publisher so they sit back and wait for the royalties to roll in. You might have a very long wait. The market for books is extremely crowded, and most publishers do not have the time to help sell your book. That’s where I come in. My name is Barbara Morgan. I want to help you market and promote your book(s).

I am an avid reader who went from reading for a hobby to being a sought after book reviewer for a number of top authors and book websites. I read tons of books, and talk to authors from all over the country. The time it takes to market and promote is ongoing. It can be tedious, time consuming, and can rob you hours of writing time. This is why I started Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion. You deserve to have more time to do what you love, Write! Let the Connoisseur market and promote your book(s). The more you market and promote the more readers can get to know you, and purchase your work.

Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion offers several packages. One is sure to fit your needs and your budget. As our client, you will receive a weekly email listing of services provided including a list of contacts made during the past week.

Most marketing companies ask for a yearly contract. Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion offers a short term, six-month contract. You can choose to have us continue to provide marketing and promotion, or you can opt out after the 6 months. We also give our clients the convenience of making monthly thru PayPal

Call or email today! Let Us Help You!


Barbara Morgan

Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion

[email protected]



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Package A

$60.00 (monthly)

Advertise your book

  • Three times a week on
    • Minimum of five Yahoo, Google groups, and Book Club sites
  • Twice a day (one morning, one afternoon/evening) three times a week on your favorite social media site
    • Face book group sites geared toward your genre of writing
    • Twitter
    • Linked In
    • Stumble Upon
    • Tumbler

Marketing Opportunities

Scout the city (your area) on an ongoing basis for book events, book fairs, conventions, vendor opportunities, tradeshows, and festivals. Client will be provided with information about such finds. Information may include such things as cost of attending, day/time of event, vending opportunities, location of event


Schedule one or more of your books on a monthly basis as a give-away. Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion will assist in establishing the type of contest/rules.

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Package B - plus Package A

$100.00 a Month

  • Contact all local and surrounding area book clubs to advertise and sell (try to get them to read as month of the month and your appearance for a discussion with the book club)
  • Send your book out to 5 top book reviewers for review and have reviewers post a review on the major book selling sites including Amazon, Goodreads,
  • Arrange for you to be a guest on 1-3 live Blog Talk Radio shows per month
  • Promote your book with book marks and various book promotions
  • Advertise contest through your favorite social media sites, email blasts to your contact list and my personal contact lists for giveaway to attract readers to your book to purchase (I will provide prizes for the contest)
  • Post your book for sale on the following sites
  • Advertise your book weekly on the Amazon African American discussion board featuring new books; Kindle book, and recent purchase

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PACKAGE C - Includes Package A and

Package B

$150.00 a Month

  • Connoisseur of Books Marketing and Promotion, will help you sell your books in the Memphis area to local Book Clubs groups, at local book fairs, and conventions in the Memphis area, at no additional cost.*Six weeks prior notification of date/time event is required.
  • Help advertise your website by posting your website information and email information monthly to readers and book club groups
  • Arrange for you to be a guest on 1-3 live Blog Talk Radio shows per month
  • Contact 5 out of town African American bookstores per month, as well as local bookstores in your area and arrange to have your books on their shelves
  • Promote your book with book marks and various book promotion items obtained from client
  • Help keep track of book sells and earnings for your tax season.
  • Bookkeeping for your Book Company and sales, bookkeeping is done with QuickBooks

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